Cookie Monsters!!! …and other stuff I’ve baked.

I decided to try making homemade waffle cones; Then this sorta happened…

These are stacked lemon bars topped with a honey meringue and buttercream dragon bees

Delivered by hand.

This is a sugar cookie glued together with caramel and glazed with milk, sugar and nutmeg


Chicken pot pie… I carved the beak and feet out of a carrot 😀

Danzig birthday cake

Shortbread cookies glued with caramel, painted in chocolate and dusted with toasted coconut. AKA Samaoa’s

Birthday cake made for a Voodoo-Bayou themed party

The tongue is a candle I made 😀

I was asked to make a wedding cake…

The top two tiers are red velvet and the bottom is German Chocolate with tons of salted & toasted pecans

I made these for Valentines day. Complete with Fudgy charms of sunshine.


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