The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett


The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett is a remix album made by rapper Kool Keith. It was released in April 5, 2011 under the label Junkadelic.

Track listing[edit source]

  1. “The Legend Of Tashan Dorrsett (Prelude)”
  2. “New Shit (feat. Champ) [DJ Junkaz Lou Remix]”
  3. “Supa Supreme (Marley Marl Remix)”
  4. “Flow Smooth (feat. Ced Gee) [DJ Junkaz Lou Remix]”
  5. “The Real Beginner (feat. Chem) [Ariel ‘The Cartel’ Caban Remix]”
  6. “Above The Sea Level (Agallah Remix)”
  7. “Tashan Dorrsett… (Domingo Remix)”
  8. “Track Runner (feat. Marc Live, Raaddrr Van & Tr Love) [Tr Love Remix]”
  9. “Glamour Life (feat. Marc Live) [DJ Junkaz Lou Remix]”
  10. “Booty Clap (feat. Big Sche Eastwood) [Mr. Sche Remix]”
  11. “Black Lagoon (Domingo Remix)”
  12. “Magnetic Junkadelic (DJ Junkaz Lou Remix)”

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